Set your Budget

By pre-qualifying for a mortgage, you will put your mind at ease as you learn what you can afford before pricing out the house. You’ll want to start by getting your credit information in order and talking with various lenders. It’s important to discuss your needs for a construction loan or bridge loan and make sure you understand different mortgage options available to you. Let us know if you need help with finding a lender and coming up with a realistic budget.


Identify a Lot

Finding a lot to build on is important.  It needs to fit your family’s lifestyle, location and budget. We can build your home on a lot we own, or on a lot you own.  If you need help finding a lot, we can guide you in selecting one that fits your needs.


Choosing a plan

We can work with you to create a plan that best fits your needs, lot and budget. We can use a plan you found, one of ours or work on creating one that works for you. We work with a draftsman who can work with anything from a sketch on a napkin to one that just needs a few tweaks.  We are involved in this process by guiding you through the structural and square foot of the plan to keep it in your budget and your needs.


Bid Process

Once a plan has been finalized, we can then work on getting you a price to build.   This will include everything from the foundation to the last door stop!  We will discuss with you the finishes you would like included with your budget in mind.  We will give you realistic allowance numbers based on this discussion.


lets go

Building can begin once we have agreed on the price, contract is signed, and deposit received.   We guide you through all the building processes, finishes that need to be chosen and timeline.  Included in our price is design time with Paula to choose the hard finishes.



A typical home takes 6 months to build.  This can depend on the bidding process, weather conditions and changes or delays made during construction.