Double Benefit

Working together as a team creates synergy. Working with Paula and Mike to build your home makes it easier and less complicated, often resulting in savings of both time and money. These efficiencies can only happen when the team is on the same page, focused on the same goal. Mike has the building knowledge necessary to implement Paula’s designs and together they manage a team of craftsman to execute your plans and give you a house your love!

Mike the Builder

Mike started working in the industry through an apprentice program through the carpenter union in 1972. He worked in the union until he started his own company in 1974, expanding his skills to include developing subdivisions and building hundreds of residential homes.

Mike has seen it all and has the knowledge and attention to detail to make sure homes are positioned on the lot correctly, the foundation is dug properly, and the framing and roof trusses are all aligned.





Paula the Designer

Paula joined forces with Mike almost 30 years ago. As a working mother, Paula has a keen eye for detail and an instinct for knowing what families need and want in a home. She knows how to ask the right questions and guide clients through the design process as well as recommending finishes that work for how families live in their homes. She works with her customers continually through the selection process, making sure decisions are made right the first time, saving money and eliminating regrets.

The Ryan Difference

With Mike’s knowledge of building and attention to detail coupled with Paula’s passion for design and managing the projects you have a dream team. When you are ready to experience construction done right, schedule a sit down with Paula and Mike. Together, we will brainstorm your ideas and get you ready to build your dream home!